What 'Facebook hacks' do behind your backs

Contrary to what you might think, there isn't any software on the internet that can actually hack Facebook accounts.

All the 'hacks' you download contain malicious code running or if not, they are simply fake. Real hackers don't leak their tools and if they do, they will be in trouble.

Facebook is a huge company that never sleeps, they will never allow someone like you to mess up with their users private data.

Who we are

Facebook Catchers is a group that came from a team, the Ultimate Catchers. That team is divided in various groups, each one specialized in discovering passwords from a specific service.

This specific group, Facebook Catchers, is specialized in discovering passwords from Facebook.

How we can help you

We help people that are looking for a way to 'hack' a Facebook account to accomplish it. If you are one of those persons, we have free services that will solve your problem quick and easily.

We offer free, clean and professional services that help you to steal Facebook accounts without really hacking into Facebook.

Our services

Free services:
Facebook Online Password Cracker - an online tool to crack Facebook passwords almost instantly
Facebook Private Photo Cracker - an online tool to crack private Facebook profile photos

Paid Services: no paid services available